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The hotel "Markstadt" was awarded with the TripAdvisorЃ quality certificate.

20 ма€ 2015

Today, the 20th May, 2015 we have received the good news that the hotel "Markstadt" was awarded with the TripAdvisor® quality certificate. The award, for the fifth year is given for high standards of service in the hospitality industry. Only companies that constantly receive excellent reviews on travel site TripAdvisor are marked with this award. The Quality certificates receive hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world which are constantly concerned about the fact that clients have the best possible experience.

 "We thank all our guests who have found the time to give feedback on the site TripAdvisor, - said the director of the hotel" Markstadt " Bryukhanova Svetlana . - Recognition and approval of the customer  are the best rewards for us. The Quality Certification of TripAdvisor is awarded on the basis of customer feedback - this is an award that gives our company the confidence that we are on the right track and our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. "

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