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We have received the prestigious Recommended on TripAdvisor Insignia

3 сент€бр€ 2013

The Markstadt Hotel has received the insignia from the world famous TripAdvisor site of usersТ and expertsТ reviews!

We are proud to demonstrate to our guests the prestigious СRecommended on TripAdvisorТ insignia and the covering letter from the Vice President, Marketing ЦAlison Copus, which we received a few days ago.

The Markstadt Hotel rating* at TripAdvisor shows, that our hotel and its services are highly appreciated by the guests from different countries of the world, and that the Markstadt occupies the top lines in reviews of hotels and restaurants.

The rating* of the outlets is determined per totality of the highest evaluations, their ratios to total number of evaluations, and also per number of people recommending or not recommending these outlets for a visit.

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